Jake Martin
18. March, 2021.
Professor Leka and Professor Art are incredible. They’ve done a tremendous job fostering a safe learning environment and creating a family at the gym. Professor Leka is, hands down, the most experienced BJJ player in the area...and it’s not even close. Her attention to details and explanation make it easy to learn and grow. Professor Art is also a great BJJ practitioner and instructor. He’s attentive and patient. Both are quality people who care about the people they train. They don’t put up with shenanigans or bad people on the mat. Truly honored to have found them after bad experiences in town.
Natalie Weingrow
17. March, 2021.
My first class was AMAZING! I have always wanted to do try some form of Martial Arts and fell immediately in love! I can’t wait for this to become part of me! I would highly recommend this school. The professors are Phenomenal, kind, and patient. The school is large and very clean. And the student are all friendly, respectful and kind. I’m super excited!
Jose Salgado
17. March, 2021.
My son absolutely loves the training and trainers are extremely patient!
Donna Garcia
16. March, 2021.
This place Rocks! With the unfortunate changes Covid has brought to all of our lives, Valencia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has not only brought excitement for our child but for us too. We are so happy to see our child being mentally and physically exercised! He is demonstrating confidence is so many levels! As in coordination, spatial awareness & emotionally. Would highly recommend for all age groups!
16. March, 2021.
My kids have been going to this school for a couple of years now, and I’m so happy that I signed them up with Checkmat. Professor Art and Professor Leika are both professional, kind and patient. They know how to interact with these kids.To me, teaching discipline and respect is the most important aside from defending them selves. And they both exceed this. I don’t practice Jiu-jitsu. But if I had the time and resources I would definitely sign up with them and learn the ways of what Brazilian Jiu-jitsu should be.
Alyssa Altamirano-Putnam
16. March, 2021.
I train at Checkmat Santa Ana but was in town visiting my little sister who lives in Santa Clarita. Everyone at Checkmat Valencia was super inviting, kind, safe, and super fun to train with. Ongoing I am signing my sister up to keep attending classes here- she is 14 and there were a lot of other girls her age there to train. We are super grateful to find a gym that is this welcoming and has a developed community feel. Anyone can teach arm bars and take downs, but no one can teach heart and this place for sure has that. Thanks for the rolls! Excited to see my little sister grow on her journey with this team.(:
Kelvin Jr West
16. March, 2021.
We came to Checkmat after a bad experience at another jiu jitsu facility. We were absolutely blown away the moment we stepped foot into Checkmat, not only by the gym itself but the owners. Professor Leka and Professor Art are the most professional and caring people. We knew our son was in the right hands the moment we met. We are so glad that our son has such great professors to look up to and trust.
Nick Henley
14. March, 2021.
Professor Leka and Professor Art are wonderful teachers and cannot create a better atmosphere for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve been a member of their gym for about 3 months now and it was one of the best decisions I ever made, as Ive felt like one of their family members from the first day. Additionally, all of the people there are friendly and are great training partners. I would highly recommend anybody thinking about joining to give it a try.