Regardless of your size, weight, gender or whether you are an absolute beginner or  super advanced, if you are looking to learn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a positive and safe environment then this is definitely the place to train. I strongly suggest you come by to try out a class. However, if you aren’t ready to try a class, you can still come by. You won’t lose anything by just stopping by for 5 minutes and watching part of the class and checking out the facilities to see if the gym is right for you.

Robert C.

I drive all the way from Long Beach to train here. Not only is she World/Pan Am Champ, her teaching technique is world class too. She breaks the moves down and doesn’t give up on us til we all understand. She’s selfless when it comes to teaching and it’s all about making us better versions of ourselves, not only in jiujitsu but even in life. This academy is super clean and organized. Everything is spotless and you can tell Leka/management takes pride in this place the moment you walk in.

Marichiel B.

Leka hosted an All Women’s BJJ Seminar at Gracie Barra Burbank and it was the first seminar I ever attended as a new fresh white belt. Not only did Leka focus on triangles, but I distinctively remember her coming over to help me adjust my technique so my short legs could complete the move! I then went to a seminar with Leticia Ribeiro, where Leka was a guest teacher. Once again, Leka showed an amazing choke technique, but more importantly, came over to partners to help them master the small details that would help them master the move. I would highly recommend training under Leka because of her style and attention to detail.

Tiffany B.

Leka’s passion for Jiu Jitsu shines through in her training and teaching. As she teaches her vast knowledge to those of us who are truly inspired by her, she is patient and supportive to our individual abilities. After I’ve being out of the BJJ game for almost 2 years, Leka’s passion truly has ignited my motivation to continue to progress my game. I feel so very fortunate to learn from such a humble champion! Muito Respieto!

Louise M.

I absolutely love training at this gym.  Leka Vieira is the best jiu jitsu instructor I’ve ever had by far and quite possibly the best instructor I’ve EVER had in any subject.  I was made to feel a part of the team immediately and didn’t have to jump through hoops or ‘prove myself’ to be accepted.  Everyone here has the ultimate goal of progressing as a team and helping each other do so and it all starts from the top.  Leka leads by example and sets a very high standard when it comes to training with a healthy atmosphere.  She loves to teach and it’s obvious in the way she conducts her classes.  If you want to train under a Coach that truly will do whatever is necessary to help you, train here.

Jamila W.

Not only is Leka Vieira a legend in the sport; she is the most passionate and knowledgeable professor I know. She is able to break down any position and not only show you the moves, but teach you the “why”. Checkmat Valencia has a positive, team environment that is perfect for those that want to take training seriously and have fun at the same time. If you are looking for a BJJ academy in the SCV, there is no question that you will be learning from the best at Checkmat Valencia.

Judith K.